Check out the attached pictures of the 1023-acre Agave Solar Field in Maricopa County, Arizona. Agave Solar was designed by Nicholas Sauer, EITDavid Mckenney, P.E.Ricardo Menchaca @Emory Redding, and Tepolak Seth, EIT Seth last year. The grading is almost complete, and piles are starting to be driven in. Part of the design included providing enough site storage to hold the 100-year 2-hour storm and the import of 1 million Cubic Yards of import fill dirt from the construction of an adjacent nuclear plant cooling pond into the overall site grading.

LONG also supported McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. during the project’s zoning application. A detailed hydrologic/hydraulic analysis for onsite and offsite flows was performed to document the potential impacts of the project on floodplain elevations.

This site was a challenge but LONG was able to exceed the client expectations.

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