Subsurface Utility Engineering


Critical to the design and construction of roadway and aviation infrastructure and building improvement projects is our underground utility locating services. A full array of tools are used in this process to provide accuracy in identifying their location including radio detection designating equipment, ground penetrating radar, and a Utilivac and vacuum excavation truck to pothole existing utilities to determine their exact location, size and elevation.

Courtland Street Bridge Replacement

Atlanta, Georgia

SR 120 Singleton Creek Bridge 

Gwinnett County, Georgia

I-285 @ SR 400 Interchange

Sandy Springs, Georgia

SR 6/Thornton Rd. (Truck Friendly Lanes)

Cobb and Douglas Counties, Georgia



Utility Designating

Utility Coordination

Electromagnetic Tracing

Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility Records Research

Vacuum Excavation/Test Holes