Georgia Ports Authority

Savannah, Georgia

 Long Engineering (LONG) provided SUE services for utility locates on this project for the Georgia Ports Authority. With three different sites included in the scope, the goal was for LONG to provide services in a manner that allowed the team to avoid as many utility conflicts as possible. This risk avoidance process saved the Port hundreds of thousands of dollars in relocation costs. 

Services provided included Quality Level D (QLD), records research, and Quality Level B (QLB), designating and locating underground utilities using ground penetrating radar (GPR). Field sketches of the QLB were provided to HGB to use as a QA/QC tool for survey and CAD. LONG began on site 3, and finished on site 1. 

LONG performed these services with due diligence and used every reasonable effort to locate utiliites in a manner consistent with industry standards. 


Savannah, GA 


Hussey Gay Bell

Services Provided

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Date Completed