Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry

Atlanta, Georgia

The $26.5 million Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry is 280 acres, the largest greenspace in the City of Atlanta. It will also be transformative for Westside neighborhoods and become the home of a critical 2.4 billion gallon backup source of drinking water for the city. Park elements include a grand entrance, circulation drives, parking lots, a Grand Lawn, a spectacular overlook to view the quarry reservoir and trails. 

LONG provided the design of all roadways and grading and drainage plans as well as sediment, erosion and pollution control plans for Phase 1A of the project that encompassed 20 acres. This included the design of 8,200 feet of roadway and a 226 space surface parking lot that drained to 8 individual bio-retention ponds providing 1.1 million gallons of storage. Gravel infiltration trenches were provided along much of the pavement edge to promote infiltration of runoff. In all, almost 500,000 gallons of runoff was retained or infiltrated. Sanitary sewer and domestic water was provided to two new restroom buildings and a 6” irrigation line was provided to the Grand Lawn. Phase 1B included a 166 space parking lot draining to 6 bio-retention ponds and infiltration trenches, a Grand Lawn, a second restroom building, a pavilion and 6,800 feet of trails. Design included a fire protection line, domestic water and irrigation line and sanitary sewer to the restroom building and pavilion. 


Atlanta, GA 


Reeves + Young

Services Provided

Civil Engineering/Site Design, Construction Documentation, Permitting, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) 

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